Why Director for Your Retirement needs?

The market for retirement planning products is constantly evolving. The adaptability of the Lincoln Director group variable annuity-based retirement product is perfect for meeting the needs of this ever-changing marketplace. Director’s flexibility lets you customize your retirement plan by combining investing, servicing and pricing options.


Introduced in 1999, the Lincoln Elite Series is the cornerstone of Lincoln’s broad range of annuity, life insurance, and retirement products – all designed to meet clients’ needs as they build their financial futures. This series is a comprehensive multi-manager investment lineup designed by top professionals at Lincoln Financial Group. Lincoln’s mission in assembling and maintaining the series is to offer investors the options that can help them protect and grow wealth for the long-term. In assembling and managing the Elite Series, Lincoln’s investment professionals employ a thorough due diligence process integrating both quantitative and qualitative research and analysis.

Lincoln is proud to present the Lincoln Elite Series as the core investment lineup for the Director product. Director’s diversified investment lineup provides you and your employees an array of choices to create portfolios which have the potential to cushion the variable returns of a somewhat unpredictable market and help to keep pace with the varying needs that arise from shifts in lifestyle or economic climate.


The servicing solution that fits one company may not suit another. Director gives you a choice.

TPA Servicing

If you need a service provider and want assistance in selecting one, we can refer you to a TPA in your area who meets our standards for quality as a Preferred TPA Program member. Or, Director has the flexibility and experience to work with any TPA.

Full Service

Lincoln Financial Group offers full (in-house) service of its Director Product through its affiliate Delaware Investments.

Director Also Provides

A dedicated client consultant from our experienced team of representatives.
  An optional investment advice service** that includes online capabilities to help retirement plan participants prepare for the future.
  Plan document services can assist you with Adoption Agreements, Plan Amendments, Summary Plan Descriptions and IRS Submissions.
  An optional Fiduciary Protection Plan*** to help protect company and plan fiduciary's personal assets in the event of lawsuits.


Director is competitively priced in the marketplace. Whether your company employs two or 2,000, Director can meet your needs.

bullet No maximum number on funds
bullet Ability to subsidize servicing costs
bullet Surrender charge reimbursement is available
bullet No minimum contribution requirements
bullet No participant balance requirements


Commitment to Retirement Communications and Education

Director has a wide range of educational communication and enrollment materials to meet your needs.

Enrollment Meeting Support
Professional enrollers are available to conduct enrollment meetings for you and your employees.
Enrollment Materials
    Enrollment materials include information about the basics of investing, the importance of asset allocation, and information about investment options.

Comprehensive Quarterly Statements

Clear and concise quarterly statements are delivered to the most convenient locations. Director plan sponsors and participants benefit from communications that
have won the DALBAR Award for Service Excellence and are written so that they appeal to all levels of investor sophistication.
Spanish Language Materials
Access When You Want It

We think it’s important that you have plan access at your convenience. That’s why we offer three easy ways for you and your employees to access retirement plan information.

bullet Toll-free automated telephone response system
bullet 24/7 over the internet
bullet Live representative, 8am - 7pm, EST Monday through Friday


Lincoln has been providing retirement planning services for over 36 years. With headquarters in Philadelphia, Lincoln Financial Group has consolidated assets of $116 billion and annual consolidated revenues of $5.4 billion.* Through its family of companies, Lincoln Financial Group provides annuities, life insurance, 401(k) plans, mutual funds, institutional investment management, and financial planning and
advisory services.

 *Financial information provided as of December 31, 2004. Source: Lincoln National Corporation reporting system.

More than 14,000 companies, representing more than 250,000 plan participants, place their trust in the Lincoln Director.

Brand Name Investment Options

Lincoln and Director are proud to offer investments options in the group variable subaccount that are managed by some of the top investment managers in the world.



Check out the Lincoln Director Investment Strategies.

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