Why Lincoln Director?

Eight Easy Points to Remember…


Average savings of .40% annually on participants’ investments


Average Morningstar rating on the Advisor Series of 4.2 out of 5

Ease of Plan Transfer

Seamless plan conversion and professional enrollers for any size plan


401k Toolbox - 2004 Advice Provider of the Year (Defined Contribution News)

Fiduciary Support

Investment line-up selection, monitoring and quarterly reporting included


RMS provides plan comparisons to quantify the value of Director for your clients

Rollover option

Keep the assets you’ve worked so hard to win with the Director Rollover, an option for participants leaving the plan

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A trust created or organized in the United States and forming part of a stock bonus, pension, or profit-sharing plan of an employer for the exclusive benefit of his employees or their beneficiaries shall constitute a qualified trust under this section.

U.S. Law: Title 26, Subtitle A, Chapter 1, Subchapter D, Part I, Subpart A, Section 401